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We thank Elders Insurance as a major sponsor for the Australian Supreme Sheep Dog Championships hosted by the Western Australian Working Sheep Dog Association and held in Northam, Western Australia at the end of 2017. Click on their link above for more information.  










Sheepdog trialling in WA is very much alive and well with an ever increasing number of folks joining the sport.

The West Australian Working Sheep Dog Association (WAWSDA) is made up of six affiliated clubs which are spread across the state. These clubs hold sheep dog trials as wide spread as Albany to Ballidu. The trials range from arena trials (3 sheep) to the more farm based yard and utility trials.

Trialling sheepdogs in WA has a long proud history with the first association trial held in 1936 and since then has grown from one trial a year to a dozen or more with entries adding up to over 200 at some trials.

Sheep dog trialling is a great pastime.  It gets you out and  about travelling this wonderful state with a great bunch of  people. 
Whilst the bulk of the members are involved in the farming  industry many are town or city based with very little connection to agriculture, but all share a passion for the great working Kelpies and Border Collies in a sport that is steeped in history.

So sit back and have a browse. This site will be updated with trial dates and results, upcoming events and other relevent information.


Anybody chasing information on trialling that they can't find elsewhere please contact the State Secretary Jenny Atherton you will find her number in club contacts. 


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