Ballidu Arena 30th July -2nd August.



Ballidu is a small town in the eastern wheatbelt 220 km north east of Perth.


It can be very dry in the area, and this year had been one of the driest. Until the trial weekend that is.

From Thursday until Saturday the rain tumbled down, delivering over 4 inches and making life uncomfortable for competitors, but local farmers were smiling all through it.


It was fairly warm until late Friday night when the wind started to blow. It blew down the trial office, the letout shelter and a fair bit of the hessian around the fences.

It then got freezing cold and everyone was getting around like eskimos. The sun emerged on Sunday though and things improved somewhat.


The sheep were challenging but mainly workable, although the wind stirred them up a bit, and they became a little touchy

Due to the rain and ensueing mud, the sheep truck was unable to get in until Sun so the sheep were reworked for a while.

All the open finalist had fresh sheep but they were tricky, fresh off the truck and required careful handling.

There were 62 entries in the Novice, 48 in the improver and 69 in the Open.






1st Brad Rose.


Novice, judged by Phil Dorrell.


1st. Jane Dorrell. Cloverlea Cruiser. 90.

2nd. Jenny Nolan. Ryan’s Jim. 85.

3rd. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Nancy. 70.

4th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Gus. 66

5th. Ray Sutherland. Badgingarra Patsy. 60.

6th. Jenny Nolan. Nolan’s Dallas. 58.

7th. NIck Webb. Morillo Max. 57.

8th. Jean Hydleman. NobelHeir Bess. 53.

9th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Talent. 52.

=10th. Tanya De Bijl. Boylee Scout. 51.

=10th. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. 51. Kelpie.


Improver, judged by Carolyn Bell.


1st. Ken Atherton. Boylee Cass. 97.

2nd Jane Dorrell. Rocky Dusty. 90.

=3rd. Tony Boyle. Chillie. 89. Kelpie Hunterway Cross.

=3rd. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Reece. 89. Kelpie.

5th. Rod Forsyth. Barvervale Austin. 88. Kelpie

6th. Rick Janitz. Badgingara Izzy. 83.

7th. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. 82. Kelpie.

8th.  Glenice Webb. Morillo Doff. 76.

9th. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Smudge. 73.

10th. Doreen Hansen. Jandoree Harley. 69


Open, judged by Dave Lacey.


1st. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky. 95+78=173.

2nd. Ivan Solomon. Perengery Sasha. 98+73=171.

3rd. Colin Cosh. Dalray Spanner. 90+80=170.

4th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Burnie. 93+71=164.

5th. Ray Sutherland. Swagman Cyndy. 86+77=163.

6th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Ben. 91+70=161. Kelpie.

7th. Ivan Solomon. Perengery Skip. 92+68=160.

8th. Peter Gorman. Badgingarra Nell. 93+55=148.

9th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 87+51=138.

10th. Jenny Whitelock. Jandoree Kinta. 85+39=124.

11th. Rick Janitz. Jandoree Sparky. 89+18=107.

12th. Peter Gorman. Princes Sally. 90+RTD=90.


Winner of the AJc trophy for highest score in any event was Ivan Solomon and Perangary Sasha.


Winner of the Lovegrove trophy for the highest score in the first round of the open was Ivan solomon and Perengary Sasha.


Winner of the Aggregate award was Nan Lloyd and Barkervale Oswin.


This trial was the last qualifying round for the supreme trial in Tasmania later this year, so the state reps were decided. They are Grant Cooke and Grassvalley Sky, and Ivan Solomon and Perengery Sasha.


Ray Sutherlands Swagman Cyndi.


Greg Dorrell's Cloverlea Cobber.


Rod Forsyth and Binnaburra Reece, having a few problems at the bridge.


Jean Hydleman's Ramulam Sadie.


Happy diners at the Fri night dinner.


Dave Lacey and Glenice Webb, braving the cold.


The grounds on Friday.

Judge Phil Dorrell wearing his state of the art rain wear.


Ivan Solomon presenting Frank Sutherland with a Life Membership

of the Northern Districts Sheepdog Club, for his many years of service.









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