Corrigin Yard. 12th September.




This was the third year Corrigin show have run a yard trial, and there were a lot more entries this time. Due to this, and it being only a one day trial, everyone had one run per dog. This served as your score for both events or for whatever class your dog was in.


The weather  made things uncomfortable, with steady rain most of the morning. It did fine up after lunch but a cold wind continued to blow. It was welcome rain for the local farmers, so no-one complained too much.

The sheep were very nice looking woolly hoggets, but looks belied their nature. They were stubborn and difficult to work. The large gathers caused most of the trouble. They did not like to look away from the dogs and if forced too much they split, so needed strong cover and force to work them. Many people ran out of points in the bigger sections, but the sheep worked better in the smaller pens.

Corrigin showgrounds is a lovely well grassed setting, and the organisers were friendly and helpful.


Simon Leaning judged all first runs. Tony Boyle judged the novice yard final and Andrew Gorton judged the open yard final.




Novice yard.


1st. Nan Lloyd. Kumbark Rocket. 47+46=93. Kelpie

2nd. Simon Leaning. Marionvale Will. 44+35=79. Kelpie

3rd. Karyn Buller. Boonining Rosie. 24+40=64. Kelpie.

4th. Rod Forsyth. Barkervale Austin. 20+28=48.

5th. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Reece. 28+LS=28.



Open yard.


1st.  Simon Leaning. Chidlow Floss. 46.5+52=98.5. BC

2nd. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Milo. 38+57=95. Kelpie

3rd. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 55+34=89. BC

4th. Tanya De Bijl. Tilly. 44+42=86. Kelpie.

5th. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Reece. 28+40=68. Kelpie.

6th. Tony Boyle. Chillie. 17+47=64. Kelpie X

7th. Karyn Buller. Just Jed. 20+42=62. Kelpie.

8th. Nan LLoyd. Kumbark Rocket. 47+7=54. Kelpie.

9th. Simon Leaning. Marionvale Mindy. 33.5+17=50.5. Kelpie.

10th. Simon Leaning. Jandoree Jess. 23.5+24=47.5. BC.

11th. Hayden Harries. Olboa Ben. 42+SCR=42. BC

12th. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. 18+7=25. Kelpie


Simon Leaning and Marionvale Will.


"Need a hand with the gate latch Boss" Rod Forsyth and Barvervale Austin.


Karyn Buller's Boonnining Rosie.


Nan Lloyds Kumbark Rocket. (Karyn Buller photo)



Tony Boyle and Boylee Snowy.


Photos and article by Nan Lloyd.










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