Dowerin 26th 27th August. (Unofficial)



The two day three sheep trial at the Dowerin Field Day once again gave us the chance to demonstrate our dogs' skills at the largest farm machinery show in Western Australia.  Unlike most of our trials, the trial was run on the Supreme Course with Supreme rules giving competitors the chance to practice for the Supreme Australian Sheepdog Championship which will be held in WA in 2016 - for further details keep checking back to this web site.

The sheep, which were red tag merinos, were well presented, in tremendous condition and proved testing for our dogs.   In general they stayed together well but, when they did break, proved to be fast and strong and a challenge for even the best dogs.  The dogs that did well tended to keep off the sheep but demonstrated the ability to keep them calm when they made their approach.  However, even when the dogs did approach steadily the sheep often proved difficult at obstacles, especially at the bridge which brought about the end of many previously successful runs.  Although in general the weather was mild the occasional strong breeze made some runs more challenging than others.



Novice - Judge Alan Dunn


1st          Peter Gorman                  Pendalup Smudge           76

2nd        Jenny Nolan                       Ryan's Jim                          64

3rd         Jean Hydleman                Ramulam Sadie                 54

4th         Rod Forsyth                        Binnaburra Reece            36

5th         Jenny Whitelock               Boylee Talent                    35


Improver - Judge Ivan Solomon


1st          Peter Gorman                   Pendalup Smudge           89

2nd        Glenice Webb                   David's Nina                       48

3rd=       Simon Leaning                   Marionvale Mindy           47

3rd=       Simon Leaning                   Jandoree Jess                    47

5th         Nick Webb                          Morillo Roy                         44


Open - Judge Jean Hydleman


1st          Glenice Webb                   David's Nina                       60+33=93

2nd        Ivan Solomon                    Perangery Sasha              85 X = 85

3rd         Peter Gorman                   Princes Sally                       69 X =69

4th         Peter Gorman                   Grassvalley Polar              59

5th         Jenny Whitelock               Jandoree Kinta                  55


Thanks to Jean Hydleman for the report and results.




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