Margaret River Arena. October. 16th-17th. (Unofficial)


Margaret River trial is run in conjunction with their annual Agricultural show.


Being an unofficial trial it is a relaxed, enjoyable event. Novice handlers were permitted to have a helper walk around with them if desired, but as non competitive. This was useful for those who have not been trialling long.

The grounds were lovely and green as usual, a pleasure to work the dogs on.


The sheep, supplied by Kevin Silverthorne, were Purebred Corriedales, not long off shears and good to work but required some strength to move them at times. Some competitors struggled to get them through the obstacles.  They were also hard to pull up if they wanted to get back to the letouts. This resulted in a fair few crosses for the inexperienced dogs.


The weather was chilly on Friday with some light rain, but became uncomfortably warm on the Saturday.

Due to time constraints only 6 open finalist were run.

Judges for the events were Nan Lloyd, Marianne Rogers and Gibb McDonald.





1st. Brad Rose. Bellview Flier.

2nd. Conor Mconnell. Marionvale Sam.



1st. Gibb Mcdonald. Boylee Poppy. 70+84=154. 

2nd. Nan Lloyd. Nukennellup Dodge. 66+62=128. Kelpie.

3rd. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. 69+55=124. Kelpie.

4th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Chillie. 81+35=116. KelpieX.

5th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Pickles. 80+X=80.

6th. Simon Leaning. Marionvale Will. 67+RTD=67.



1st. Tony Boyle. Boylee Bernie. 91+94=185.

2nd. Simon Leaning. Chidlow Floss. 94+90=184.

3rd. Nick Webb. Morillo Roy. 88+82=170.

4th. Duncan Anderson. Pages Bouncer. 88+70=158.

5th. Glenice Webb. Davids Nina. 88+63=151.

6th. Glenice Webb. Morillo Doff. 89+RTD=89.

7th. Nick Webb. Morillo Max. 87.

8th. Simon Leaning. Marionvale Jess. 86.

9th. Jenny Atherton Olboa Merle. 85.

=10th. Nan Lloyd. Kumbark Rocket. 84. Kelpie

=10th. Nan Lloyd. Nukennellup Dodge. 84. Kelpie.

12th. Nick Webb. Morillo Cinda. 82.


Winner of the Novice handler award was Conor Mconnell.



Judy Jones and Bellview Teddy.


Duncan Anderson's Page's Bouncer.


Gibb Mcdonald's Gracehill Daisy.


Tony Boyle's Boylee Burnie.


Conor Mconnell having his encourage run with Marionvale Sam, assissted by Simon Leaning.


Photos and Article by Nan Lloyd.







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