Mayanup arena. 23rd to 26th April.


Mayanup annual arena trial is is run at Yallambee, Ken and Jenny Athertons property north of Arthur River. The trial is usually held in August but this year it was decided to hold it in April.

Also this year the trial was run on a supreme course.


The sheep were Dohnes and they were extremely tricky. The novice sheep were young ewes and the Improver and open sheep were older mix ages ewes. They were difficult to get through the obstacles with the gap and the bridge causing  a lot of problems. Once they found their way around the obstacle they kept doing laps, and if they took off they were hard to pull up.

 The draw for the sheep was past the gap so once the sheep had been around the side it was hard to get them back through the middle. Many people  also came unstuck at the bridge and the pen after having had a reasonable run up till then.  If the sheep decided they didn't want to go in the obstacle, no amount of good work could change their mind.

The weather was quite pleasant while the sun shone but when the wind sprung up, and it did regularly, it became bittterly cold. The nights were cold too and a thick fog held up the start for an hour on the first day.

 The new ringoff system was used, where as an obstacle is gained, the obstacle points  are added back on. This gives competitors some reward for gaining obstacles.

There were 60 entries for the novice with 6 scores, 62 for the Imp with 12 scores and 56 open runs with 25 scores

A lovely meal was served on Sat evening organized by club members as a fundraiser for Cancer.

On Sunday, after the presentations, the leftover wine was auctioned off in brilliant style by Colin Cosh.




Novice Judged by Jenny Whitelock.


1st. Rick Janitz.. Badgingarra Izzy. 72+50=122

2nd. Ivan Solomon. Perangary Diver. 76+29=105.

3rd. Doreen Hansen. Jandoree Harley. 65+39=104.

4th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Nancy. 41+51=92.

5th. Vicki Dorrell. Ramulam Smoky. 71+17=88. Kelpie X Border Collie.

6th. Helen Svalbe. Booninning Swag.21+X=21. Kelpie.



Improver Judged by Karyn Buller.


1st. Gordon Curtis. Whites Joe. 60+39=99. Kelpie.

2nd. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Nancy. 51+25=76.

3rd. Jane Dorrell. Rocky Dusty. 46+18=64.

4th. Rick Janitz. Badgingarra Izzy. 50+12=62.

5th. Dave lacey. Akoonah Sherry. 58+3=61.

6th. Doreen Hansen. Jandoree Harley. 39+0=39.

7th. Malcolm Seymour. Euroa Zoe. 38

=8th. Nan Lloyd. Nukennellup Dodge. 35. Kelpie.

=8th. Ken Atherton. Boylee Cass. 35

=9th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Diver. 29.

=9th. Doreen Hansen. Jandoree Molly. 29.


Open Judged by Andrew Gorton.


1st. Ray Sutherland. Swagman Cyndi. 79+75=154.

2nd. Dave lacey. Akoonah Lady. 73+74=147.

3rd. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky. 66+73=139.

=4th. Ken Atherton Ramulam Punch. 69+54=123. Kelpie.

=4th. Dave Lacey. Fleetwood Devil. 77+46=123.

6th. Grant Cooke. Badgingarra Fly. 60+59=119.

7th. Malcolm Seymour. Olboa Jess. 76+30=106.

8th. Gordon Curtis. Whites Joe. 65+36=101. Kelpie.

9th. Simon Leaning. Chidlow Floss.  71+22=93.

10th. Colin Cosh. Rosie. 58+22=80.

11th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss. 84+X=84.

12th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Skip. 58+X=58.


Our oldest Trialler, Ray Sutherland, with Swagman Cyndi, who is 10 years old, closing the gate

on his winning open run.


Jenny Whitelock's Boylee Talent.


Tony Boyles Boylee Sugar battling the sheep at the bridge.


Malcolm Seymour and Euroa Nan having a struggle at the pen. The wind was very strong at this point notice the heavy rubber belting in the background which blew off the fence.


Vicky Dorrel and Ramulam Smokie about to close the gate on their first penning.


Gordon Curtis's Whites Joe, winner of the improver.


Tim Foster and Gwaefeyn Dibly in the early morning fog.


Ken Atherton and Ramulam Punch.


Three birthdays were celebrated on the weekend, Rick Janitz, Frank Sutherland and Dave Lacey, with a total of 216 years between them.


The cake, before.

And after some appropriate modifications were made.


Photos and Article by Nan Lloyd














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