State yard and Utility Championships Ongerup. 3rd to 6th September.




The state Yard and Utility Championships were held for the first time ever at Ongerup, on Tim Fosters property, Linthorpe. Linthorpe has been the home of three sheep trialling for many years and a yard trial was held there last year for the first time.

The highlight was Tim’s new trial office, an old tank which served the purpose very well.


The sheep are traditionally fairly difficult to work, but this time, despite being only three weeks off shears, they worked quite well.  They were a little touchy when the wind sprung up however, and they took some persuading to go into the pen. 


In the yards the flowed very well, with some occasionally jumping fences if pressured too much or if they took a mind too. One sheep jumped 6 fences before it was decided to give the handler a re-run. In the open yard finals though they became a little more stubborn.


The weather was changeable, quite nice on the Thursday, freezing, windy and showery on the Friday and Sat before warming up a little for the finals on Sunday, although this followed a crunching frost on Sat night.


Ongerup is a great social event, with a BBQ every night around Tim’s fire drum in his huge shearing shed and some telling of tall tales.




Novice Yard, judged by Marianne Rogers.


1st. Hayden Harries. Astor. 74+79=153. BC

2nd. Hayden Harries. Bellview Chloe. 75+73=148. BC

3rd. Rick Janitz. Badgingarra Izzy. 76+68=144. BC

4th. Tim Foster. Gwafern Dibley. 74+68=142. BC

5th. Nan Lloyd. Kumbark Rocket. 73+58=131. Kelpie.


Novice Utility, judged by Rod Forsyth.


1st. Nigel Armstrong. Tumutvalley Jude. 71+89=160. Kelpie

2nd Nan Lloyd. Kumbark Rocket. 66+77=143. Kelpie

=3rd. Tim Foster. Gwarfern Dibley. 63+69=132. BC

=3rd. Richard Mcguire. Mac’s Harry. 71+61=132. BC

5th. Richard Mcguire. Mac’s Gem. 75+54=129. BC.


Open Yard, judged by Gordon Curtis.


1st. Ken Atherton. Raulam Lad. 106+107=213. Kelpie.

2nd. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 106+104=210. BC.

3rd. Hayden Harries. Olboa Ben. 103+105=208. BC

4th. Hayden Harries. Ramulam Woofy. 101+106=207. BC

5th. Nigel Armstrong. Tumutvalley Roy. 97+106=203. Kelpie.

6th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Sasha. 95+103=198. Kelpie. (Judged by Nigel Armstrong and Richard MCguire. )

7th. Gordon Curtis. Binnabura Johnny. 95+99=194. Kelpie (Judged by Nigel Armstrong and Richard Mcguire. )

8th. Andrew Gorton. Just Murray. 94+99=193. Kelpie.

9th. Andrew Gorton. Boylee Ella. 93+98=191. BC

10th. Ken Atherton Ramulam Punch. 92+98=190.

11th. Richard Mcguire. Torbay Tom. 95+93=188. BC.

=12th. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Milo. 91 Kelpie

=12th. Nigel Armstrong. Yarralonga Fly. 91. Kelpie.


Open Utility, judged by Ken Atherton. Final Judged by Nigel Armstrong.


1st. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 92+77=169. BC

2nd. Hayden Harries. Olboa Ben. 72+87=159. BC

3rd. Doreen Hansen. Jandoree Molly. 81+76=157. BC.

4th. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Punch. 73+82=155. Kelpie.

5th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Burnie. 72+73=145. BC.

6th. Gordon Curtis Whites Joe. 73+70=143.

7th. Ken Atherton Ramulam Lad. 71.5+66=137.5. Kelpie

8th. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. 70+67=137. Kelpie.

9th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Jess. 69+65=134. Kepie.

10th. Tim Foster. Gwarfern Dibly. 75+52=132. BC

11th. Hayden Harries. Olboa Knight. 74+57=131. BC

12th. Richard Mcguire. Torbay Tom. 69+61=130. BC




Andrew Gorton and Just Murray.


Open yard winner, Ken Atherton's Ramulam Lad.


Hayden Harries and his new dog Astor.


Excited spectators.


Gordon Curtis and Whites Joe.


Shelby Harries' Cagella Kinda.


Richard Mcguire and Mac's Harry.


NIgel Armstrong and Tumutvalley Jude




Photos and Article by Nan Lloyd.





















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