Kojonup Show

(Unofficial) Yard Trial

20th October  


Results & Photos by Karyn Buller


Farmers Event


1. Blake Robinson. Nap.

2. Danielle Atwell. Ramulam Lad.

3. Keanan Goad. Flick.

4. Jess Mentha. BT.


Novice Event


1.  Allan Dunn. Dunn's Harley.

2.  Karyn Buller. Boco Louie.

3.  Allan Dunn. Valooka Buck.

4.  Allan Dunn. Yarralonga Ethal.


Open Event


1.  Allan Dunn.TumutValley Roy.

2.  Allan Dunn. Yarralonga Scope.

=3.  Allan Dunn. Dunn's Harley.

=3.  Allan Dunn. TumutValley Jude.

5.  Karyn Buller. Boonining Rosie.





Winner Allan Dunn with Jenny Atherton and Doug Rogers

Allan Dunn with a couple of his winners










Allan Dunn

Sheep moving nicely off the dog

Jess Mentha and BT

Sheep questioning the intentions of the dog

Backing the drenching race

Another example of backing

Ramulam Punch flows freely over the backs of the sheep

Ramulam Punch showing cover and force

Jess Mentha and BT working the drafting race

Neil Eastough waits for the starting bell

Ramulam Gizmo enjoying the job

Boylee Pickles has his own ideas about how to catch a runaway sheep!

Allan Dunn's sheep have ideas other than going in the force

Another Kelpie happy to back



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