Binnaburra Arena. July 26th to 28th.


For the first time ever an arena trial was held at Binnaburra near Kelleberrin.


For twenty years Binnaburra has been the home of Utility trialing, but because Ballida was unable to supply sheep for their annual Arena trial, Binnaburra stepped in to fill the gap.

At the Utility trial at Binnaburra three weeks ago dogs were kicking up dust on bare dry paddocks.

This time however the dogs had to battle with mud and water and at one time during the heaviest rain a creek flowing through the arena.

It made the locals happy though, and the dogs didnt seem to mind but a few competitiors struggled when they had the misfortune to have their run in the middle of some wild stormy weather with a bit of hail for good measure.


The sheep were young wethers, who stuck together well but could be a little tricky at times, taking on the dogs or just not settling despite carefull handling.

The 180mt cast caught a few dogs out and there were more crosses than usual.


In the novice there were 47  entries with 13 scores.

In the improver there were 47 entries and 14 scores, and the open had 67 entries and 37 scores.

The ring off system was also used.


And  thoughts and well wishes go to website owner Andrew Gorton who had a bit of a run in with a sheep at the trial.

Andrew was moving sheep around in the yard when one took him out from behind and did extensive damage to his knee.

So we are hoping he will be up and about before too long.




Encourage judged by Simon Leaning.


1st. Di Cosh and Dougie.

2nd. Sue Doherty and Ramulam Peg.

3rd. Caroline Peak and Just Dusty.


Novice judged by Peter Doherty.


1st. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Basil. 75. (Kelpie).

2nd. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Spirit. 71.

3rd. Simon Leaning. Chidlow Floss. 67.

4th. Jenny Nolan. Daheim Lady Susie. 65.

5th. Jane Dorrel. Rocky Dusty. 62.

6th. Frank Sutherland. Rocky Nikki. 60

7th. Dave lacey. Akoonah Sherry. 48.

=8th. Simon Leaning. Jandoree Jess. 47

=8th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Burnie. 47

10th. Glenice Webb. Davids Nina. 46.



Improver, judged by Marianne Rogers.


There was a tie for this event so the result  was decided on the open runs score.


1st. Jenny Palm. Badgingarra Lisa. 80+53=133

2nd. Glenice Webb. Davids Nina. 80+RT=80.

3rd. Peter Doherty. Jandoree Reen. 65

=4th. Glenice Webb. Morillo Toby. 64.

=4th. Peter Gorman. Badgingarra Gem. 64

6th. Jane Dorell. Rocky Dusty. 63.

7th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Tess. 56.

8th. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Henry. 53.

9th. Jenny Atherton. Ramulam Tammy. 51. (Kelpie)

10th. Malcolm Seymour. Olboa jess. 50.


Open judged by Peter Gorman.


1st. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Lady. 81+91=174.

2nd. Grant Cook. Grassvalley Moss. 95+76=171.

3rd. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky. 81+89=170.

=4th. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Dell. 79+89=168.

=4th. Wayne Hall. Hudsons Tasha. 88+80=168.

6th. Simon Leaning. Fleetfeet Axle. 87+78=165. (Kelpie)

7th. Tony Boyle. Belview dale. 85+74=159.

8th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Tuff. 85+68=153. (Kelpie)

9th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Jill. 86+61=147.

10th. Ivan Solomon. Somerville Tully. 78+68=146.

11th. Glenice Webb. Morillo Doff. 87+RT=87.

12th. Colin Cosh. Patons Sarge. 85+RT=85.

13th. Frank Sutherland. Jamisons Sleet. 78+RT=78.


Winner of highest scoring novice dog Jane Dorrell and Rocky Dusty. Jane and Dusty also won the aggregate award.

Northern districts dog gaining the highest score in any event was won by Grant Cooke and Grassvalley Moss. Grant and Moss also won the highest score in the first round of the open.



Unloading the trial sheep. Grant Cook impersonating a sheep dog and Rick Janitz waiting to catch him.


Jenny Nolan and Ryans Pam.


Simon Leening and Jandoree Jess, in the midst of the worst storm. They eventually retired. Judge Marianne Rogers also weathering the storm.


Grant Cookes Grassvalley Tess, negotiating the water hazard.


Judge Peter Gorman and his unusual hat cover, but it did keep his Akubra dry.


Malcolm Seymours Olboa Jess.


Frank Sutherlands Jamisons Sleet.


Tony Boyle's Boylee Sugar.


Wayne Halls Avalon Sox.


Photos and article by Nan Lloyd.









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