Binnaburra Utility July 5th, 6th, 7th.



Binnaburra is in the eastern wheatbelt near Kellerberrin, approximately 200km east of Perth.


It was very dry and dusty this year. Lack of rain and warm days had created an almost summer landscape, paddocks were bare and crops struggling

But despite these worrying conditions the trial went on regardless, creating a distraction while locals wait for much needed rain.

The trial sheep were borrowed from Rod Forsyth’s farm and were 2 year old ewes.

They were very good trial sheep if handled right and not pushed. If the dog harried them too much they had a tendency to split or would just refuse to comply. It then became quite difficult to get them to enter the yards.

If pushed too much in the yard section they either jumped fences, tried to split and run, or piled in heaps.

The calmer more controlled dogs generally had better yard runs.


The weather was bitterly cold in the morning warming up to a reasonable afternoon before plummeting to near freezing by late afternoon. People having early morning or late afternoon runs were donning thick jackets and warm hats. Undoing gate catches became a difficult task with freezing fingers.


There were 32 entries in the novice utility and 34 in the open utility. There were also 6 novice yard only runs, and 8 entries in the open yard.

 In utility trialling you can either do the whole utility course or just the yard. For the utility runs the yard section is scored seperately, but still included in your utility run score.  So at the end of the day you have winners in both the utility course and in the yard course.




Encourage judged by Nan Lloyd.


1st. Kara Bancroft and Sheila. 35. (Kelpie)

2nd Caroline Peek and Just Dusty. 25 (Kelpie)

3rd. Jon Mcnab and Mac’s Boss 20. (Kelpie)


Novice Utility judged by Andrew Gorton.


1st. Neil Eastough. Grassvalley Jack. 104+85=189. (BC)

2nd Rick Jantz. Jandoree Sparky. 89+89=178. (BC).

3rd. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Punch. 85+77=162. (Kelpie)

4th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Sugar. 87+61=148. (BC).


Novice Yard judged by Andrew Gorton.


1st. Marianne Rogers. Bellview Obie. 51+46=97. (BC).

2nd. Neil Eastough. Grassvalley Jack. 48+46=94. (BC)

3rd. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Wal. 47+43=90. (Kelpie)

4th. Richard Mcguire. Mac’s Harry. 50+37=87. (BC)


Open Utility judged by Ken Atherton.


1st. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Johnny. 105+107=212. (Kelpie)

2nd. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Gus. 107.5+102.5=210. (BC) Judged by Gordon Curtis and Andrew Gorton.

3rd. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Tuff. 92+108=200. (Kelpie)

4th. Andrew Gorton. Boylee Ella. 107+84=191. (BC).

5th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss. 89+96=185. (BC)

6th. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Lad. 97+70=167. (Kelpie) Judged by Gordon Curtis and Andrew Gorton.

7th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky. 80+82=162. (BC)

8th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Jess. 95+66=161. (Kelpie)

9th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Sasha. 79+79=158. (Kelpie)

10th. Marianne Rogers. Bellview Obie. 94+63=157. (BC).

11th. Neil Eastough. Grassvally Tinky. 80+67=147. (BC)

12th. Andrew Gorton. Olboa Ben. 82+Ret=82. (BC)


Open Yard judged by Ken Atherton.


1st. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Gus. 54+57=111. (BC). Judged by Gordon Curtis and Andrew Gorton.

2nd. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra MIlo. 55+55=110.

=3rd. Andrew Gorton. Boylee Ella. 53+51=104. (BC).

=3rd. Andrew Gorton. Olboa Ben. 56+48=104. (BC).

=3rd. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Johnny. 52+52=104. (Kelpie)

6th. Ken Atherton. Olboa Merle. 46.5+56=102.5. (BC). Jdged by Gordon Curtis and Andrew Gorton.

=7th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Tuff. 47+51+101. (Kelpie)

=7th. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Lad. 59+42=101. (Kelpie) Judged by Gordon Curtis and Andrew Gorton.

9th. Neil Eastough. Grassvalley Tinky. 52+40=92. (BC).

10th. Doreen Hanson. Jandoree Molly. 48+43=91. (BC)

11th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss. 48+42=90. (BC).

12th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Mustard. 52+26=78. (BC)


Winner of the Patrons Trophy for the best novice worker was Doreen Hansen.



Grant Cooke and Grassvalley Tess coming down the ground.  The Binnaburra cast is about 180 metres.


Jenny Whitelocks Boylee Sugar, in the dust.


Nigel Armstrongs Yarralonga Fly.


Tania De Bijl and Marionvale Ita.


Andrew Gorton's Olboa Ben.


Gordon Curtis and Binnaburra Tuff, loading the truck.


Barkervale Oswin, watching her dad Binnaburra Johnny win the open Utility


Neil Eastoughs Grassvalley Tinky, kicking up more dust.


Photos and article by Nan Lloyd








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