Dowerin Arena trial (Unofficial) 28th, 29th Aug.


A Supreme course was set up at Dowerin  this year to give triallers a change and a 

challenge. Despite being an unofficial trial, there was good attendance and a lovely friendly 



The sheep  were provided by Eric and Simon Emmott. They were a little tricky but if the 

dog was up to the job, they could get them around the course. Pens were infrequent but well 

worth it, with 20 points available when this was achieved.

There were 29 entries in the novice, 30 in the imp and 40 in the open


Results of Dowerin Sheepdog Trial


Novice judged by Jean Hydleman


1st Jenny Whitelock - Jandoree Kinta  68

2nd Rod Forsyth - Binnaburra Reece 66 (Kelpie)

3rd Simon Leaning - Chidlow Floss 57

4th Glenice Webb - Davids Nina 47

5th Simon Leaning - Marionvale Mindy 46 (Kelpie)

6th Germaine Seymour - Euroa Zoe 41

7th Jenny Nolan - Daheim Lady Susie 25



Improver judged by Jenny Palm


1st Glenice Webb - Morillo Doff 80

2nd Glenice Webb - Davids Nina 76

3rd Simon Leaning - Marionvale Mindy 69 (Kelpie)

4th Simon Leaning - Jandoree Jess 67

5th Jenny Whitelock - Jandoree Kinta 60

6th Simon Leaning - Chidlow Floss 57

7th Jenny Whitelock - Boylee Sugar 56

8th Malcolm Seymour - Olboa Jess 55

9th Jean Hydleman - Echo Park Cydi 53

=10th Andrew Gorton- Just Sam 52

=10th Jenny Nolan - Nolans Blacklace 52


Open judged by Nick Webb and Jenny Nolan


=1st Grant Cooke - Grassvalley Skye 90

=1st Grant Cooke - Grassvalley Tess 90

3rd Nick Webb - Morillo Cinda 81

=4th Simon Leaning - Chidlow Floss 80

=4th Glenice Webb - Davids Nina 80

6th Malcolm Seymour - Euroa Nell 79

7th Tony Boyle - Bellview Dale 77

8th Ray Sutherland - Swagman Cyndi 73

9th Tony Boyle - Boylee Mustard 70

10th Gordon Curtis - Binnaburra Sasha 66 (kelpie)

11th Germaine Seymour - Somerville Lucy 65

12th Jenny Whitelock - Jandoree Kinta 64


Results supplied by Marianne Rogers.







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