Ballidu Arena, 2nd to the 5th October.




Northern districts sheepdog club hosted its second Ballidu trial in as many weeks.

This trial was a lead up to the Australian Supreme Championships in Northam,which start on the 8th of October and run until the 16th.


The sheep were the same ones used at the previous trial. Some worked well and some were quite difficult. The pen caused quite a few problems, and some good runs came unstuck here. Once the sheep were upset they became almost unworkable.

We had extremes of weather, freezing cold for the first couple of days with morning frosts, then warming up to an uncomfortable 27 degrees for the last day.

It was great to see many eastern states trialers again, and they took home most of the prizes.

Due to large entries the Improver and Open were run together. There were some close finishes, and not many points between placegetters.





Novice, judged by Jenny Whitelock.


1st. Greg Prince. Princes China. 90.

2nd. Tony Boyle. Chillie. Kelpie X. 89.

3rd. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Jill. 83.

=4th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Kate.82

=4th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Chad. 82.

6th. Rod Forsyth. Binnaburra Reece. Kelpie. 74.

7th. Gordon Curtis. Barkervale Ringo.  Kelpie. 73.

8th. Pip Hudson, Hudsons Dini. 69.

9th. Colin Cosh. Coshies Goldie. 59.

10th.  Gibb Mcdonald. Gracehill Daisy. 58.


Improver, judged by Glenice Webb.


There was a tie for first between Roy Poticary and himself, so he had to run both his dogs again to decide the winner.  

1st. Roy Potticary. Delrae Pepper. 89+52=141.

2nd. Roy Poticary. Te Rata Andy. 89+RTD=89.

=3rd. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. Kelpie. 88.

=3rd. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Holly. 88.

5th. Mick Hudson. Coshies Leesa. 86.

6th. Gibb Mcdonald. Gracehill Daisy. 84.

7th. Peter Gorman Pendalup Jill. 77.

8th. Gordon Curtis. Barkervale Ringo. Kelpie. 76.

9th. Gordon Curtis. Kumbark Tina. Kelpie 74.

10th. Brad Rose. Euroa Nan. 73.



Open, judged by Glenice Webb.


1st, Greg Prince. Tippers Brigalow. 94+94=188.

2nd. Greg Prince. Morgans Sophie. 91+92=183.

=3rd. Mick Hudson. Romlee Leah. 88+94=182.

=3rd. Greg Prince. Moriaty Debbie. 90+92=182.

5th. Greg Prince. Princes Dawn. 94+85=179.

6th. Mick Hudson. MGH Jess. 96+82=178.

7th. Mick Hudson. Perengary Marge. 87+90=177.

8th. Mick Hudson. Richies Finn. 93+73=163.

9th.  Roy Poticary. Dalrae Eddy. 90+70=160.

10th. Greg Prince. Delrio Whisky. 87+65=152.

11th. Paul O Kane. O Kanes Andrew Symonds. 95+43=138.

12th. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. Kelpie. 88+39=127.

13th. Dave Lacey Akoonah Sherry. 89+RTD=89.

14th. Mick Hudson. MHG Meg. 87+X=87.


Winner of the aggregate award was Peter Gorman and Pendelup Jill.

Winner of the highest scoring  Northern district member was Ivan Solomon and Perengary Sasha.

Winner of the Glenvar trophy for the highest score in any event was Mick Hudson and MGH Jess.




Brad Rose and Euroa Nan.


Sue Selby's Brazier ARJ.


Greg Prince and Delrio Whisky.


Mick Hudsons MGH Boy.


Jenny Nolan's Grassvalley Lilly. (Lol)


Marianne Rogers and Marionvale Aykeira.

Results and photos by Nan LLoyd




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