Ballidu State Arena. 15th to 18th September.



Ballidu was the host this year for the state arena trial. 

Ballidu is a small  wheatbelt town 220km north east of Perth.

The trial was made more interesting with the addition of a few eastern state trialers, over here for the Supreme Championships to be held in Northam from the 8th to the 16th of October.

The weather was changeable. Thursday was lovely and sunny but Fri was bitterly cold with an arctic breeze that had everyone well rugged up.

There were also frosts on three of the nights making a chilly start and requiring some defrosting of windscreens for most people.

The sheep were merinos, young but well grown and difficult to work. They had some wool around their heads which did not help, and when they made a break they generally kept going and were hard to pull up. The weather also effected them and at varying times during the trial they settled for a while, before becoming difficult again. During windy periods they were quite touchy to handle. 

They were good challenging sheep though, and some dogs handled them well.


There were 62 entries in the novice, 61 in the improver and 86 in the open event.


After this trial the State reps were decided to compete in the interstate challenge at the Supreme.

They are, Grant Cooke, with either Grassvalley Sky or Grassvalley Moss, and Dave Lacey and Akoonah Lady.




Novice, judged by Nan Lloyd



1st.  Roy Potticary. Terata Andy.86

2nd.  Gordon Curtis. Barkervale Ringo. 85 Kelpie

3rd.  Gordon Curtis. Kumbark Tina.79 Kelpie.

4th.  Mick Hudson.  Coshies Leesa. 76

5th.  Duncan Anderson. Pages Bouncer 73.

6th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Zara. 72.

=7th. Greg Prince. Princes Blondie. 70

=7th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Talent. 70.

9th Jenny Nolan. Ryans Pam. 65   

=10th.  Jenny Whitelock. Jensown Monster. 60.

=10th. Colin Cosh. Princes Delta.60



Improver, Judged by Marianne Rogers.


1st. Greg Prince.Morgan's Sophie [Sally]. 92

2nd. Tony Boyle.Boylee Midget91

3rd. Roy Potticary. Delrae Snoopy89

4th. Glenice Webb. Davids Nina83

5th. Gordon Curits. Barkervale Ringo. 80. Kelpie

6th. Roy Potticary. Delrae Pepper. 78.

=7th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Talent. 70.

=7th. Phill Dorrell. Jandoree Clive. 70.

9th. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Lassie. 68. Kelpie X BC.

10th. Simon Leaning. Marionvale Mindy. 66 Kelpie


Open, Judged by Neil Kristianson.


1st. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss. 92+97=189.

2nd. Mick Hudson. Richies Finn. 93+93=186.

=3rd. Mick Hudson. MGH Meg. 87+96=183.

=3rd. Mick Hudson. MGH Jess. 92+91=183.

5th. Mick Hudson. Coshies Leesa. 92+90=182.

6th. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Lad. 91+88=179. Kelpie.

7th. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Lady. 89+89=178.

8th. Roy Potticary. Brenkris Stumpy. 89+84=173.

9th. Ken Atherton Ramulam Punch. 94+LS=94. Kelpie.

10th. Greg Prince. Tippers Brigalow. 92+RTD=92.

11th. Greg Prince. Dalrae Whiskey. 89+DQ=89.

12th. Mick Hudson. MGH Jana. 88+DQ=88

=13th. Mick Hudson. MGH Boy. 87+RTD=87.

=13th. Greg Prince. Princes Timmy. 87+RTD=87.


Handler awards went to, Doreen Hansen in the novice, Duncan Anderson in the Improver and Jane Dorrell in the open.


Roy Potticarys Mandarra Danny.


WA's oldest trialler, Ray Sutherland, with Swagman Cyndy,

possible the oldest dog trialling in WA.


Greg Princes Princes Dan.


Mick Hudsons MGH Jana.


The dinner.


Gordon Curtis and Frank Sutherland, presenting Grant Cooke

with a life membership of the Northern Districts club.


Glenice Webbs Morillo Doff, blocking a runaway.


Photos and article by Nan Lloyd.














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