Dowerin Arena. (Unofficial) 24th-25th August



Dowerin Field Day is a popular fun trial and well attended by triallers and spectators alike.  The sheep, supplied by the Emmett family, were beautifully presented and worked well for the dogs that treated them with respect.  The dogs that came in too close or bottled the sheep up too much paid heavily with splits and fit sheep that could seemingly run faster than the dogs.  Once on a mission to run, or if they sensed a dog was weak, they were hard to stop.  However, the dogs and workers that read the play correctly gained some excellent scores, especially in Open with the more experienced dogs.


Apart from the trial itself, we were looked after beautifully by the Dowerin Field Day committee and most of the triallers enjoyed the opportunity to walk their dogs on the stunning Dowerin golf course.  Thank you as always to our sponsors, especially the Emmets for the loan of their sheep and to Danny Sutherland for carting the sheep and waiting patiently till we were ready for him.



Novice Placings.


1st Peter Gorman.Pendalup Sam 88

2nd Colin Cosh.Princes Delta 86

3rd Dave Lacey.Akoonah Holly 83

4th Jenny Whitelock.Boylee Talent 79

5th. Dave Lacey. Somerville kate. 70.


Improver placings.


1st Gordon Curtis.Barkervale Ringo 87. Kelpie

2nd Jenny Nolan.Grassvalley Lilly 79

3rd Tony Boyle.Boylee Midget 51

4th Jenny Whitelock.Jensown Bliss43

5th. Simon Leaning. Marionvale Mindy. 42. Kelpie.


Open Placings.

1st Jenny Whitelock Jandoree Kinta 91+90=181

2nd Dave Lacey Akoonah Lady 92+85=177

3rd Gordon Curtis Binnaburra Johnny 90+72=162 Kelpie

4th=Grant Cooke Grassvalley Floss89

4th=Gordon Curtis Whites Joe 89. Kelpie

4th=. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 89


Article and scores by Jean Hydleman.


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