Ongerup Arena. 25th to the 28th February.


The first trial of the year was once again held at Tim Foster’s farm, in the small town of Ongerup approx 430 kms south of Perth.


The weather was a lot warmer than it has been in recent years, reaching a top of 38 on Sat afternoon. Due to the weather and as we were ahead of time, it was decided to knock of trialling for a few hours and a club  meeting was held instead. Storms began to roll in as we restarted and late in the afternoon a violent storm ripped through the trial ground, tearing van awnings, flattening a camper trailer and destroying the let out shelter. 

It dumped about 8 mils of rain on the ground and we all lost power, so it was decided to finish trialling for the day. Frank Sutherland, who was on the ground at the time was given a re-run.


The sheep were blue tag ewes, hard to break in, difficult to obstacle, and prone to running far and fast at the slightest provocation, or leaping over  the fence. There were only a few pens for the weekend, which is normal for Ongerup. 

There were 43 entries in the novice and 13 scores, 44 in the Improver with 12 scores and 60 entries in the open with 21 scores.




Novice, judged by Jenny Whitelock.


1st. Tony Boyle. Boylee Midget. 72

2nd. Colin Cosh. Prince’s Delta. 48

3rd. Nan Lloyd. Nukennellup Dodge. 46 Kelpie

4th. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Smudge. 43

5th. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. 40. Kelpie

6th. Dave Lacey. Me Mate Jack. 39

7th. Jenny Nolan. Ryans Jim. 28

8th. Nan Lloyd. Binnaburra Stephie. 25. Kelpie

=9th. Colin Cosh. Coshies Goldie. 22.

=9th. Helen Svalbe. Booninning Swag. 22. Kelpie.



Improver, judged by Jenny Atherton.


1st. Tim Foster. Jandoree Sadie. 60.

2nd. Nick Webb. Morillo Roy. 57.

=3rd. Jenny Whitelock.  Jensown Bliss. 52.

=3rd. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Holly. 52.

5th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Midget. 46.

6th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Talent. 45.

=7th. Neil Eastough. Grassvalley Tinky. 43.

=7th. Jenny Whitelock. Coshies Charm. 43.

9th. Jenny Whitelock. Jensown Microchip. 42.

10th. Frank Sutherland. Pendaulp Sue.


Open, Judged by Peter Gorman.


1st. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss. 90+58=148.

2nd. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Sasha. 61+64=125.

3rd. Frank Sutherland. Pendalup Sue. 51+68=119.

=4th. Grant Cooke. Badgingarra Fly. 72+42=114.

=4th. Dave Lacey. Fleetwood Devil. 65+49=114.

6th. Nick Webb. Morrillo Roy. 51+52=103.

=7th. Dave Lacey.  Akoonah Del. 58+40=98.

=7th. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Lady. 49+49=98.

9th. Glenice Webb. Morillo Doff. 67+RTD=67.

10th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Kate. 61+RTD=61.

=11th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Skip. 50+LS=50.

=11th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Talent. 50+X=50.



Helen Svalbe's Boonining Swag.


Dave Lacey's Fleetwood Devil.

Jenny Whitelock's Jensown Bliss.


The storm rolling in across the Stirling Ranges.


Ivan Solomon's Perangery Skip.


Neil Eastough's Grassvalley Tinky.




Phots and article by Nan Lloyd.







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