Australian Supreme Championships Northam 8-16th October.       



The town of Northam in Western Australia’s eastern wheatbelt, was where Australia and New Zealand’s best sheepdogs and handlers met, to compete in three major Sheepdog events. The event was hosted by the Western Australian Working Sheepdog Association, and was organised and run by the Supreme Sub-Committee, chaired by Grant Cook, with assistance from many WAWSDA members.


The Australian supreme is the event everyone strives to win. This year there were 205 dogs entered from all over Australia and New Zealand, and competition was strong.  Of these 205, the twenty highest scoring dogs compete again, and in the final round the top ten compete for a chance to claim the title of Australian Supreme Champion.  The event was won by Malcolm Taylor from Tasmania with his dog Somerville Nell. 


The supreme Championship was started in Tasmania in 1990 and is now rotated around the states. The last time a Supreme was held in WA was in 2011


Also hotly contested was the Ted Gaby interstate challenge, where the two best dogs and handler from each state compete for the shield. Out of these 12 competitors the four top scoring dogs will compete against the New Zealanders the following year for the WayLeggo cup.

Winners of the Ted Gaby this year were NSW closely followed by WA and Tasmania.

In this years WayLeggo Cup, the Kiwis were a force to be reckoned with and they won convincingly.


The trial ran from the 8th to the 16th of October at the Northam Showgrounds. The event was well publicized on Radio and in newspaper as well as online, resulting in very good public attendance.


The weather was changeable, swinging from near gale force winds and rain in the early part of the event, to a couple of chilling frosts, then to 33 degree days in the middle and back to cooler conditions for the last couple of days.


The sheep for the Supreme and the Trans Tasman were Merinos supplied by Grant Cooke and family, and the sheep for the Ted Gaby were a composite breed, supplied by Guy and Joanne Bowen of Mount Ronan stud in York.

The Merinos were tricky to work, attempting to take off whenever they could and running at the dogs. The Composites where somewhat heavier to handle and and needed a bit more pushing to get them around the course.


It was an entertaining and exciting eight days of trialling, which saw some highly talented dogs and handlers take on wayward sheep and win.

Next years supreme will be held in Seymour Victoria.




Ted Gaby Interstate individual scores


1. Bill Davidson. Wirchilliba Abby     NSW. 83.5+173.25=256.75

2. Geoff Gibson. Gibson's DJ            QLD. 83+144.5=227.5

3. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss      WA. 65.25+160.5=225.75

4. Malcolm Taylor. Somerville Nell     TAS. 64+161=225

5. David Lacey. Akoonah Lady             WA. 78.75+134=212.75

6. Mick Hudson. MGH Jess              NSW. 81.25+130.5=211.75

7. Michael Grant. Fleetwood Dot        TAS. 87+118=205

8. Stephen Geraghty. Somerville Clyde   SA. 77.5+121=198.5

9. Stefan Cross. Echo Park Kara        SA. 61.75+136.25=198

10. David Hines. Tarcoola Cloudy        VIC. 67.25+127.5=194.75

11. Roy Potticarry. Derae Eddie          QLD. 81+95=176

12. Paul O'Kane. Morgan's  Cooper      VIC. SCR+54.25=54.25


State totals.


State                     Place

NSW. 468.5                1

WA. 438.5                 2

TAS430                     3

QLD. 403.5                4

SA. 396.5                  5

VIC. 249                    6





Wayleggo Cup


New Zealand


Murray Child. Dice         178.75

Leo Edgington. Skip       175

Eion Herbert. Storm       165.75

Stuart Millar. Rain            68.25


Total New Zealand                  587.75





Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky      140.75

Roy Potticary. Delrae Eddie          96.25

David Hines. Tarcoola Scooter       82.5

Malcolm Taylor. Mocara Ed          143.75


Total Australia                             463.25



Novice judged by Simon Leaning and Colin Cosh.



1. Pip Hudson                  Hudson's Chip      80.5+73.5=154

2. Jenny Nolan                 Nolans Nancy      82+44=126

3. Gibb Macdonald           Gracehill Daisy     78+44.5=122.5

4. Bernard. McGlashen McGlashan's Mist      82+X=82

5. Carolyn Bell                 MeMate Mick      79.5+DQ=79.5




Improver, judged by Andrew Gorton and Neil Kristianson.



1.Pip Hudson.                  Hudsons Chip            83   + 92.5     = 175.5

2.Rhonda O'Connell.         Camara Uncle            87    +48.5    =   135.5

3.Malcolm Taylor.             Somerville Snow         86   +   X       =  86

4.Jim O'Connell.                Camara Chaos           84     +  X       =  84

5.Harry Hudson.                MGH Girl                  83.5    +  DQ   = 83.5



Supreme Championship Judged by Andrew Gorton and Neil Kristianson.


1. Malcolm Taylor. Somerville Nell                188+90.5=278.5

2. Paul O'Kane. Okane Charles Dickens         176+96.5=272.5

3. Mick Hudson. MGH Meg                           187+85=272

4. M. Hudson. MGH Jess                               182+86.5=268.5

5. Murray Childs. NZDice                              181+87=268

6. Greg Prince. Morgans Sophie                     174.5+84.5=259

7. Mick Hudson. Perengary Marge                  176.5+72.5=249

8. Geoff Gibson. Gibsons DJ                           175.5+53=228.5

9. Bill Davidson. Wirchilleba Abby                    184.5+X=184.5

10. Jim O'Connell. Kadens Betty                       176.5+RTD=176.5



New Zealand and Australia singing the national anthems prior to the start of the test.


The bridge proved to be the most difficult obstacle.


Jim O Connell working the sheep around the casting peg.



Alison Burrells lookalike dogs, competing in the brace demo.


Ivan Solomons Perengary Sasha


Patron Pip Hudson, presenting the trophy to Supreme Winner MalcolmTaylor.



Murray Child's Dice.


More action.


The Aussie team who will compete at next years WayLeggo cup. Bill Davidson, Grant Cooke, Malcolm Taylor and Geoff Gibson.



Ted Gaby Winners Mick Hudson and Bill Davidson from NSW.



Face Off.


Some tricky work at the bridge.


Sue Selby and Braziers Arj.


The lovely MT Ronan Composite sheep, these were tricky to handle.


Photos and Article by Nan Lloyd.

I took many other photos which I will put on the Supreme FaceBook page.














































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