Wagin Arena. 18th to 21st Oct.



 Wagin trial was our follow up trial after the Australian supreme, and the last trial for our Eastern states visitors. It was great that so many of them stayed around for this event.


The sheep were light and a little difficult to work. They required careful handling but they also took advantage of any weaker dogs and tested them fully. The lighter coloured dogs seemed to do better on them.

The weather was lovely, despite two frosts. A little chilly on and off but some nice sunshine most of the time.


It was a relaxing and enjoyable trial after nine days of full on trialling at the Northam Supreme.


Joan and Peter Gorman and helpers excelled once again, with a wonderful dinner on the Wednesday evening, which included a live band, enjoyable enough for many of the triallers to take to the dance floor.


There were many goodbyes after the trial and the promise to perhaps catch up at the Supreme in Victoria next year.


There were 67 entries in the novice and 145 in the open/improver.






Novice, judged by Phil Dorrell.


1st. Gordon Curtis. Barkervale Ringo                  74+75=149 Kelpie

2nd. Dave Lacey.Akoonah Holly                          73+69=142

3rd. Jenny Palm. Brindabella Domini                   76+30=106

4th. Rick Janitz.Jandoree Sparky                           79+0=79

5th. Jenny Nolan.Nolan's Chad                              77+RTD=77

6th. Gibb MCDonald. Boylee Poppy.                                        70

7th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Pam                                                   69

8th. Nan Lloyd. Binnaburra Stephie.                                          67. Kelpie

9th. Colin Cosh. Princes Delta.                                                   63.

10th. Jane Dorrell. Olboa Spanner.                                              62




Improver, judged by Jenny Atherton.


1st. Dave Lacey.Akoonah Holly                    77+88=165

2nd. Carolyn Bell. Bellview Loxie                78+59=137

3rd. Nick Webb.Morillo Roy                         81+52=133

4th. Nick Webb.Morillo Max                         83+37=120

5th. Gordon Curtis. Kumbark Tina                 78+rtd=78 Kelpie.

6th. Malcolm Taylor. Me Mate Shades.                           76

7th. Phil Dorrell. Jandoree Clive.                                     75

8th. Jenny Nolan. Boylee Kenny.                                      74.

9th. Glenice Webb. Davids Nina.                                      72.

10th. Jenny Nolan. Grassvalley Lilly.                               68.




Open Judged by Jenny Atherton.


1st.Jim O'Connel. lCamara  Cauli                     89+83=172

 2nd.Roy Potticary. DalraeEddie                       94+74=168

3rd. Dave Lacey. AkoonahLady                        91+71=162

4th.Jim O'Connell.Camara Cascade                  91+69=160

5th. Greg Prince. TippersBrigalow                     89+67=156

6th.Paul O'Kane. O"KanesAndrew Symonds      89+65=154

7th.Grant Cooke. GrassvalleySky                    90+41=131

8th.Malcolm Taylor. SomervilleNell                   90+31=121

9th.Grant Cooke. GrassvalleyFloss                  97+X=97

10th.Jim O'Connell. KadensBetty                     90+DQ=90

=11th.Roy Potticary.Dalrae Pepper                   89+X=89

=11th.Peter Gorman. Badgingarra Jem              89+X=89




Jenny Whitelock and Jensown Microchip.


Greg Prince and Princes Dan.


Paul O'Kanes, O"kanes Andrew Symonds.


Roy Poticary's Delrae Eddie.


Open winner, Jim O'Connell's Camara Cauli.


Rhonda O"Connell and Camara Uncle.


Jenny Palm's Brindabella Domini.


Article and photos by Nan Lloyd.
















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