Wagin Woolorama Arena 


Trials have been run in conjunction with the Wagin Woolerama for many years. The Woolerama is  a huge sheep and machinery show, encompassing displays, wool and livestock showing,  as well as all manner of interesting inventions, products and competitions.  

The sheep for the event were challenging to say the least. Older Merino/Dohne crosse ewes that were  touchy and required careful handling.  However they also needed dominating, or they quickly took advantage of the weaker or inexperienced dogs and chased them off the ground. Getting them through the first obstacle was the most difficult, as they wanted to race back to the letouts at every opportunity.

Wagin can be very hot but this year hovered about the low to mid 30s and a breeze and some cloud cover kept things a bit more comfortable.

A 30 point ringoff off was used and there were many crosses and rtds.

There were 62 entries in the novice with 8 scores, 51 in the improver with 15 scores and 65 in the open with 24 scores.




Novice Judged by Jane Dorrell.


1st. Nick Webb. Morillo Max. 76.

2nd Tony Boyle. Chillie. 71. Kelpie X.

3rd. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Kate. 65.

4th. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Pick. 64.

5th. Neil Eastough. Easties Bones. 61.

6th. Frank Sutherland. Rocky Nikki. 57.

=7th. Nan Lloyd. Barkervale Oswin. 46. Kelpie

=7th. Jenny Palm. Brindabella Manu. 46


Improver. Judged by Rick Janitz.


1st. Dave lacey. Fleetwood Devil. 84.

2nd. Glenice Webb. Davids Nina. 83.

3rd. Jane Dorrell. Rocky Dusty. 82.

4th. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Holly. 81.

5th. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Smudge. 78.

6th. Malcolm Seymour. Euroa Zoe. 76.

7th. Richard Mcguire. Torbay Tom. 74.

8th. Dave Lacey. Me Mate Jack. 73.

9th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Midget. 72.

10th. Richard Mcguire. Macs Jem. 65.


Open Judged by Gordon Curtis.


1st. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Lady. 80=91=171

2nd. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss. 80=84=164.

3rd. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 83+76=159

=4th. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Smudge. 81+68=149.

=4th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky. 82+67=149.

6th. Simon Leaning. Chidlow Floss. 71+76=147.

7th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Fly. 73+73=146.

8th. Jane Dorrell. Rocky Dusty. 69+60=129.

9th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Sasha. 83+45=128.

10th. Dave Lacey. Akoonay Sherry. 78+38=116.

11th. Ken Atherton. Boylee Cass. 67+30=97.

12th. Colin Cosh. Princes Delta. 75+DQ=75.


Nick Webb's Morillo Cinda, wondering how to catch this one.


Jenny palm and Brindabella Domini.


Frank Sutherland's Pendalup Sue, who backed her sheep through the race.


Carolyn Bell's Bellview Rex.


Peter Gorman's Pendalup Steel.


Duncan Anderson's Page's Bouncer.


Malcolm Seymour's Olboa Jess, wondering where the sheep went.


Ivan Solomon's Somerville Tully, having a battle at the bridge.


Photos and article by Nan Lloyd.










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