Binnaburra State Yard and Utility. August 17th -20th.




The annual State Yard and Utility Championships were held this past weekend at the Curtis's property "Binnaburra". As usual it was a fantastic trial with a great atmosphere and the hospitality was exceptional. The sheep we used were the same sheep we had a few weeks ago for the annual Binnaburra trial. They were once again challenging sheep and this brought out the best in the dogs which made for a very compelling and competitive trial.

This is the 25th year Gordon and Sara Curtis have run Yard and Utility trials on their property. It is a mighty effort.

The weather was exceptional throughout the event, cool mornings and cold nights followed by warm afternoons with very little rain. 

Huge thanks to the judges for donating their time to judge each event in turn and even bigger thanks to the Curtis family for backing up with another great event. 

  Congratulations to all the winners and especially to Nigel Armstrong who will once again represent WA at the national yard championships next year after winning the state Open Yard with his dog Jude. 


P.S the National Yard Championships will be held in WA next year at Dinninup in the State's South West at the beginning of May we hope to make this an awesome event showcasing some of the best yard dogs in Australia.

WA will also host the National Kelpie Field Trial at the end of April at Arthur River.



Novice Yard

(Judged by Rick Janitz) first round scores out of 45, final out of 65


1st: Nigel Armstrong; Yarralonga Scope 39+52= 91. Kelpie

2nd: Hayden Harries; Nolan's Molly 32+57= 89. BC

3rd: Gordon Curtis; Kumbark Tina 34+53= 87. Kelpie

4th: Shelby Harries; Nobleheir Bess 39+47= 86. BC

5th: Andrew Gorton; Oscar 32+53= 85. BC

6th: Tony Boyle; Chillie 30+53= 83. Kelpie X



Novice Utility

(Judged by Marianne Rogers) Scores out of 110


1st: Gordon Curtis; Kumbark Indi 89+85=174. Kelpie

2nd: Nan Lloyd; Barkervale Oswin 71+72=143. Kelpie

3rd: Nan Lloyd; Binnaburra Stephi 66+53=119, Kelpie

4th: Tony Boyle; Chillie 67+36=103. Kelpie X

5th: Rick Janitz; Badgingarra Izzy 58+44=102. BC

6th. Nigel Armstrong. Yarralonga Scope. 53 +RTD= 53. Kelpie


Open Yard

(Judged by Ken Atherton) Scores out of 65


1st: Nigel Armstrong TumutValley Jude 59+60=119. Kelpie

2nd: Nigel Armstrong; TumutValley Roy 60+54=114. Kelpie

3rd: Hayden Harries; Olboa Ben 55+57=112. BC

4th: Gordon Curtis; Binnaburra Ben 59+52=111. Kelpie

=4th: Andrew Gorton; Just Murray 57+54=111. Kelpie

6th: Tanya Debijl; Daleview Missi 56+53=109. Kelpie

=6th: Nigel Armstrong; Yarralonga Splinter 55+54=109. Kelpie

8th: Hayden Harries; Ramulam Woofy 55+53=108. BC

9th: Nigel Armstrong; Yarralonga Scope 61+45=106. Kelpie

10th: Tony Boyle; Boylee Sugar 56+49=105. BC

11th: Andrew Gorton; Oscar 60+44=14. BC

12th: Gordon Curtis; Kumbark Tina 55+41= 96. Kelpie


Open Utility

(Judged by Andrew Gorton) Scores out of 110


1st: Hayden Harries; Ramulam Woofy 99+97=196. BC

2nd: Tony Boyle; Boylee Sugar 100+88=188. BC

3rd: Nigel Armstrong; Tumut Valley Jude 101+80=181 Kelpie

=3rd: Ken Atherton; Ramulam Lad 88+93=181. Kelpie

5th: Ken Atherton; Ramulam Punch 86+94=180. Kelpie

6th: Gordon Curtis; Kumbark Tina 91+82=173. Kelpie

7th: Nan Lloyd; Barkervale Oswin 88+75=163. Kelpie

8th: Tony Boyle; Boylee Burnie 100+62=162. BC

9th: Rod Forsyth; Barkervale Austen 81+79=160. Kelpie

10th: Gordon Curtis; Kumbark Indi 88+69=157. Kelpie

11th: Nan Lloyd; Kumbark Rocket 84+61=145. Kelpie

12th: Rod Forsythe; Grassvalley Hazel 81+35=116. BC


Winner of the Utility dog of the year was Ken Atherton and Ramulam Lad, Ken also won the trophy for the breeder of the utility dog of the year.



Shelby Harries and Nobleheir Bess.


NIgel Armstrong and Yarralonga Scope.


Tanya De Bijl's Boylee Scout.


Rod Forsyth's Barkervale Austin.


Four men and a dog, getting the sheep in for the yard events.


Article by Jim Harradine.

Photos by Nan Lloyd

  , President         13/9/88


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