Binnaburra Yard and Utility trial. 29th June-2nd July                     


The annual Binnaburra yard and utility trial was held last weekend by Northern Districts Working Sheepdog Club with the exceptional hospitality of Gordon and Sara Curtis.


The trial this year was once again bitterly cold with a couple of heavy showers bringing much needed rain to the district. The twist this time was we were using different sheep due to seasonal circumstances. So all competitors were watching closely to see how the new sheep behaved! They were very doughy sheep that were quite difficult to move and given half a chance would stand up and challenge the dog. This led to numerous "Mexican stand-offs" often times needing 2 and sometimes 3 dogs to remove the sheep from the trial arena! The most common point of difficulty was transferring the sheep from the cast into the yards, once inside-although still difficult- the sheep were generally well behaved.


Heavy rain on the Saturday led to the distribution of straw in the yards to mitigate the danger of the slippery mud to both man and beast alike.


Overall it was another successful Binnaburra trial and thanks to all the Ladies and Gentlemen who helped with the running of the event, the supplier of the sheep and especially Sara Curtis for providing another outstanding feed! Congratulations to all the winners and place getters!


Novice Utility: Judged by Frank Sutherland


1st: Ken Atherton- Boylee Pick 55+85+70= 210 BC

2nd: Nigel Armstrong- Yarralonga Scope 70+70+63= 203 Kelpie

3rd: Shelby Harries- Nobleheir Bess 82+56= 138 BC

4th: Hayden Harries- Olboa Knight 53+74=127 BC

5th: Tony Boyle- Chillie 53+64=117 Kelpie X Hunterway


Novice Yard: Judged by Frank Sutherland


1st: Andrew Gorton- Jo 55+61=117 BC

2nd: Jim Harradine- Dryandra Cooch 53+43= 96 BC

3rd: Shelby Harries- Nobleheir Bess 55+ 40= 95 BC

4th: Rod Forsyth- Barkervale Austin 55+39=94 Kelpie

5th: Andrew Gorton- Oscar 55+ 32= 87 BC


Open Utility: Judged by Hayden Harries (final Judged by Andrew Gorton)


1st: Gordon Curtis- Kumbark Tina 93+87=180 Kelpie 

2nd: Ken Atherton- Ramulam Punch. 87+89= 1276. Kelpie

=3rd: Nigel Armstrong- Tumutvalley Jude 88+78=166 Kelpie

=3rd: Ken Atherton- Ramulam Lad 79+87=166 Kelpie

5th: Grant Cooke- Grassvalley Moss 89+71= 160 BC

6th: Grant Cooke- Grassvalley Sky 81+76=157 BC 

7th: Tony Boyle- Boylee Sugar 69+84=153 BC

8th: Nigel Armstrong- Tumutvalley Roy 73+78=151 Kelpie

9th: Gordon Curtis- White's Joe 82+64=146 Kelpie

10th: Grant Cooke- Grassvalley Floss 86+56=142 BC

11th: Nigel Armstrong- Yarralonga Scope 85+SCR=85 Kelpie 

12th: Hayden Harries- Astor 74+Rtd=74 BC.


Open Yard: Judged by Hayden Harries


1st: Nigel Armstrong- Yarralonga Splinter 57+55=112 Kelpie

2nd: Hayden Harries- Olboa Ben 55.5+ 54=109.5 BC (Judged by Ken Atherton and Nigel Armstrong)

3rd: Nigel Armstrong- Tumutvalley Jude 55+53= 108 Kelpie

4th: Hayden Harries- Olboa Dude 59+47=106. BC, (Judged by Ken Atherton and Nigel Armstrong)

5th: Ken Atherton- Ramulam Punch 54+51=105 Kelpie

=6th: Andrew Gorton- Oscar 53+49=102 BC

=6th: Tanya DeBijl- Tilly 50+52=102 Kelpie

8th: Nigel Armstrong- Tumutvalley Roy 51+48=99 Kelpie

9th: Tanya DeBijl- Marionvale Ita 49+41=90 Kelpie

10th: Gordon Curtis- Binnaburra Johnny 51+35=86 Kelpie

11th: Nigel Armstrong Yarralonga Scope 57+28=85 Kelpie

12th: Andrew Gorton- Just Murray 52+28=80 Kelpie




  Rod Forsyth and Barkervale Austin.


Gordon Curtis and Kumbark Tina, open Utility winners.


Jim Harradine and Dryandra Cooch, loading the truck.


Andrew Gorton and Oscar, in the heavy rain.


Spreading straw in the yards, after the deluge.


Hayden Harries and Olboa Ben.


Nigel Armstrong and Tumutvalley Jude, getting the sheep in the yard.


Grant Cooke's Grassvalley Sky, blocking a stubborn sheep.


Frank Sutherland, Gordon Curtis and Grant Cooke, after Gordon was presented with a lifetime membership of the Northern Disrticts sheepdog club.


Article by Jum Harradine.

Photos by Nan Lloyd

  , President         13/9/88


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