Muresk Arena. June 8-11th.



In memory of three of our senior dogs who have recently passed away....  

VALE     Bellview Dale     Boylee Ceilydh     Boylee Elly.


Weather conditions were perfect for dogs and sheep over the weekend, if a little cold in the mornings for the triallers! Frost on a couple of mornings and ice on the windscreens and water trough saw triallers with their beanies and gloves out. Fortunately there was no fog to slow the smooth running of the trial.

The trial started at midday on Thursday with a lovely sunny afternoon. Friday was warm and sunny, perfect for spectators and triallers alike in the lovely amphitheatre setting at Muresk. Unfortunately for farmers the weekend forecast rain was cancelled in lieu of an overcast day on Saturday and cloudy/sunny patches on Sunday.

A delicious roast meal was catered in the Homestead on Friday night; and triallers enjoyed gathering around the fire cauldron for a catch-up on Saturday night.

Merino-type sheep were provided for the novice and were recycled for the improver event. They were a mixture of two separate mobs incorporated to make up numbers - mixed age dry ewes and black tag lambs. This resulted in some very challenging situations for competitors with each of the pernickety ewes having minds of their own and the naïve lambs caught in the middle. Competitors' stock knowledge and handling skills were tested to the max. The sheep were generally happy to walk nicely in the corridor but more often than not triallers were stopped at the first obstacle with the sheep facing up to the dogs and refusing to look down the obstacle.

Merino-type black tag lambs, a mixture of ewes and wethers, were provided for the open event. For the most part they were strong characters and stood up to the dogs, although still walked nicely in the corridor. 

There were 43 entries in the novice, 48 in the improver and 65 in the open.


Novice judged by Brad Rose


1st. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Zara. 80.

2nd. Rod Forsyth. Barkervale Austin. 75. (Kelpie)

3rd. Gordon Curtis. Kumbark Tina. 73. (Kelpie)

4th. Peter Gorman. Badgingarra Pip. 70.

5th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Jedda. 66.

6th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Talent. 64.

=7th. Tony Boyle. Chillie. 63. (Kelpie/Huntaway X).

=7th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Pickles. 63.

=9th. Ken Atherton. Coshies Deal. 60.

=9th. Duncan Anderson. Pages Bouncer. 60.



Improver judged by Rick Janitz


1st. Nigel Armstrong. Tumutvalley Jude. 79 + 84 = 163. (Kelpie)

2nd. Duncan Anderson. Pages Bouncer. 66 + 83 = 149.

3rd. Jenny Nolan. Grassvalley Lilly. 67 + 75 = 142.

=4th. Ivan Solomon. Perangery Kate. 64.

=4th. Glenice Webb. Davids Nina. 64.

6th. Gibb Macdonald. Gracehill Daisy. 62.

7th. Nick Webb. Morillo Roy. 60.

=8th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Midget. 58.

=8th. Jenny Whitelock. Boylee Talent. 58.

10th. Doreen Hansen. Jandoree Harley. 57.


Open judged by Andrew Gorton


1st. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 89 + 98 = 187.

2nd. Simon Leaning. Chidlow Floss. 93 + 90 = 183.

3rd. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Moss. 91 + 91 = 182.

4th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Burnie. 86 + 81 = 167.

=5th. Ivan Solomon. Perangery Sasha. 91 + 75 = 166.

=5th. Gordon Curtis. Binnaburra Johnny. 86 + 80 = 166. (Kelpie.)

7th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky. 90 + 72 = 162.

8th. Jane Dorrell. Rocky Dusty. 88 + 69 = 157.

9th. Frank Sutherland. Rocky Judy. 86 + 60 = 146.

10th. Tanya de Bijl. Boylee Scout. 94 + 43 = 137.

11th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Floss. 91 + X = 91.

12th. Dave Lacey. Akoonah Sherry. 86 + X = 86.


Peter Gorman's Coshies Dusty.


Phill Dorrel and Jandoree Clive.


Nick Webbs Morillo Roy.





Letout Crew hard at work.


Gordon Curtis's Whites Joe.


Article by Jenny Whitelock.

Photos by Jane Dorrell.


  , President         13/9/88


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