DogPro Plus Ballidu arena, 1-4th August.



Ballidu is a small wheatbelt town 220 Km North East of Perth.


It is a popular trial, with good facilities. A delicious buffet dinner was held at the local hotel on Friday night and was well attended.

The weather was unusual, very mild and a little too warm on Friday and Saturday. It has been a dry year and many locals are hoping for more rain.


The sheep were one year old merinos, supplied by Malcolm and Shelley Sutherland. The ewes were worked in the novice and improver, and the wethers in the open.

The novice sheep were the most difficult. If not headed properly at the pickup they simply went over the back fence. If hassled they would run and if confronted they stood and stamped their feet.

They settled a little for the improver though.

The open sheep were very good and there were many high scores. In the open final there were only 9 points seperating the top 12 and a point seperating each of the first three placegetters. 




Novice, judged by Helen Svalbe.


1st. Nan Lloyd. Whites Ree. 76. Kelpie.

2nd. Marianne Rogers. Marionvale Aykeira. 73.

=3rd. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Cloudy. 68.

=3rd. Dave Lacey. Coshies Kimba. 68.

=5th. Phil Dorrell. Jandoree Shrek. 65.

=5th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Soul. 65.

7th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Whitie. 62.

8th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Di. 60.

9th. Rod Forsyth. Grassvalley Hazel. 59.

10th. Tony BOyle. Boylee Pickels. 58.



Improver, judged by Gibb Mcdonald.


1st. Ivan Solomon.Perengary Di.85+58=143.

2nd. Len Morton. Perengary Sadie. 63+65=128.

3rd. Rod Forsyth. Grassvalley Hazel. 62+29=121.

4th. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Cloudy. 83+X=83.

5th. Peter Gorman. Rocky Bindy. 59+X=59.

6th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Jedda. 58.

7th. Ken Atherton. Badgingarra Champ. 52. Kelpie.

8th. Jenny Nolan. Nolans Chad. 49.

9th. Corey Rose. Coshies Charm. 39.

10th. Helen Svalbe. Booninning Swag. 37. Kelpie.




Open, judged by Wayne Hall.


1st. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Trish. 95+87=182.

2nd. Peter Gorman. Princes Sally. 91+90=181.

3rd. Petwr Gorman. Badgingarra Pip. 94+86=180.

4th. Ken Atherton. Ramulam Punch. 93+83=176. Kelpie.

=5th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Di. 94+74=168.

=5th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Sky. 97+71=168.

7th. Dave Lacey. Coshies Kimba. 90+75=165.

8th. Dave Lacey. Akhoona lady. 89+75=164.

9th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Sasha. 90+65=159.

=10th. Jenny Nolan.Nolans Nancy. 88+63=151.

=10th. Grant Cooke. Grassvalley Fly. 95+56=151.

12th. Rod Forsyth. Barkervale Austin. 92+58=150. Kelpie.



Ivan Solomons Perengary Trish.


Jenny Nolans Nolans Soul.



Tony Boyle and Boylee Pickles.


Jan Cornish's Boylee Biddee.


Jane Dorrel's Perengary Buster.


Helen Svalbe's Whites Teena.


Novice placings, Jenny Nolan, equal 5th. Phil Dorrell, equal fifth, Peter Gorman, equal 3rd.

Dave Lacey, equal 3rd. Marianne Rogers, second, Nan Lloyd. 1st.



Improver placings. Peter Gorman, 4th and 5th, Ivan Solomon, 1st.

Len Morton, 2nd. Rod Forsyth, 3rd.


Open Placegetters. Grant Cooke, equal 5th, Ken Atherton 4th,

Peter Gorman, 2nd and 3rd. Ivan Solomon, 1st and equal 5th.


Photos and article by Nan Lloyd










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