Dogpro Plus Yalambee arena trial. 20-22nd of February



The first trial for 2020 was held at Ken and Jenny Athertons property “Yallambee, north of Arthur River.


It has been a hot dry summer for most of WA and so the trial ground was dry and dusty. The temperature was uncomfortably warm on the first two days, hovering in the low thirties. Things changed on the last day however with some light but persistent rain which cooled things off but increased the humidity.


None of these weather events helped settle the sheep however. The Novice and Improver were Dohnes. These are generally always a little difficult but were somewhat worse this year. They were hard to settle and wanted to run.

Usually everywhere else except through the obstacles as they preferred to go around them, often many times. 


The open sheep were merinos, recently purchased, and these were not really much better. Although they had less run in them, they simply did not settle for the dogs and it was difficult to know where to put the dog to move them in the right direction as they were so touchy.

There were only three pens for the entire weekend, one in each event. In the novice there was only one score. 


It was entertaining to watch though and a worthy challenge, and the sheep were consistent for most people. 




Encourage, judged by Frank Sutherland.


1st. Neil Whyte. Barkervale Cobber. Kelpie.



Novice, judged by Helen Svalbe.


1st. Brad Rose. Bellview Flier. 75




Improver, judged by Ivan Solomon.


1st. Nan Lloyd. Whites Ree. 73+17=90 Kelpie.

2nd. Neil Kristianson. Pendalup Sambo. 30+X=30

3rd. Nan Lloyd. Kumbark Ace. 21+X=21. Kelpie

4th. Tony Boyle. Boylee Gus. 20+X=20.

5th. Neil Kristianson. Princes Delta. 17+X=17.


Open, judged by Gordon Curtis.


1st. Tony Boyle. Boylee Sugar. 47+68=115.

2nd. Peter Gorman. Badgingarra Pip.79+35=114.

3rd. Ivan solomon. Perengary Sasha. 57+48=105.

4th. Ivan Solomon. Rocky Fran.51+46=97. 

5th. Nan Lloyd. Kumbark Ace. 57+37=94. Kelpie.

6th. Peter Gorman. Pendalup Steel. 55+31=86.

7th. Ivan Solomon. Perengary Trish. 29+50=79.

8th. Peter Gorman. Badgingarra Gem. 32+19=51.

9th. Peter Gorman. Coshies Dusty. 50+LS=50.

10th.Frank Sutherland. Rocky Bindi. 31+X=31.

=11th.Neil Kristianson. Pendalup Sambo. 30+X=30.

=11th. Peter Gorman, Pendalup Cloudy.30+RTD=30.


Aggregate award went to Nan Lloyd and Kumbark Ace.



Brad Rose and Belview Flier, shutting the gate on the only novice pen.


Frank Sutherland's Pendalup Sue, dealing with a stroppy Ewe.


Allen Dunn's Karrobar Cobber.


Tony Boyle's Boylee Whitie


Peter Gorman's Pendalup Steel.


Novice Winner Brad Rose


Improver. Nan Lloyd, 1st and 3rd. Tony Boyle, 4th, Neil Kristianson,

2nd and 5th.


Open. Tony Boyle, 1st. Nan Lloyd, 5th. Ivan Solomon 3rd and 4th.

Peter Gorman, 2nd.





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